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Author Guidelines

Published by Asian Journals Publishing

The authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the article template following the IMRAD format and copyright form. This will ensure fast processing and publication. Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent to all authors.

To know more about IMRAD, you may click this link.

The SAJST invites contribution in the following categories:

1. Original research
2. Survey articles.
3. Review Article, providing a comprehensive review of a scientific topic.


Submitted papers MUST be written in English, not exceeding 10 pages of the journal format.
During indexing process the authors’ names as given in the final manuscript will be considered.

Researchers outside Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus: Manuscript/Research Paper Submission – You will have to submit your manuscript via the journal management system ,if registration is closed, you can request an invitation to published by emailing your Full Name and Affiliation at

Researchers Inside Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus – Submit a softcopy to the Campus Research Coordinator Dr. Potenciano P. Conte, Jr. and secure a compliance report.

Peer review

Submissions are assessed by the Editorial Board and are subject to external peer review using the single-blind method whereby the authors are blinded to the identity of the reviewers and editors.

Due to the volume of submissions received, the Editor-in-Chief operates a rapid triage system and only the top 50% of papers undergo full external peer review. This workflow is in place to allow authors to submit to a more appropriate journal with minimal delay.

On average the journal returns a decision on a peer-reviewed paper in 6 months.


Authors who feel they have grounds to appeal a rejection decision should send a rebuttal letter to the editorial office, detailing the reasons for the appeal.  Rebuttals will be considered by the Editor-in-Chief, often in consultation with the Editorial Board Member who handled the paper.  Decisions on appeals are final.

Submission Checklist

To Ensure the submission is structured as requested by the journal and contains all relevant sections:
Title page – All submissions must have a title page stating all of the relevant information. See ‘General’ for further details.
Format – All submissions should follow the journal guidelines for word count, page margins, and line numbering.
Language – Non-native English speakers are encouraged to have their manuscript professionally edited before submission.
Reported data – Data accuracy is crucial. The authors are strongly encouraged to double-check all reported data for accuracy and to confirm that all units of measurement are correct and consistent.
References – Please see ‘References’ for full details of the journal’s required style.
Graphics – All figures and tables should be presented in a clear and informative manner with accompanying legends.
Ethical compliance – All articles are required to meet the requirements outlined in our ethical policy. Ensure you have included all relevant ethical approval statements.

Before submitting
Approval – Ensure all authors have seen and approved the final version of the article prior to submission. All authors must also approve the journal you are submitting to.
Open Access – The appropriate Open Access option must be selected on submission. The authors are responsible for ensuring any funder mandates are followed. For further details, please see the Open Access policy.
Charges – SAJST is committed to published quality researches and does not charge any fees.

Uploading your submission
Author list – All authors must be listed on the title page and entered on the OJS Manuscripts submission in the correct order. Ensure all author email addresses provided are valid. Author information entered into OJS Manuscripts will be used to generate listings for published papers.
Cover Letter – The cover letter is not necessary, but authors may leave a note to the editor.
File formats – Ensure all files are in the correct format for revised submissions, SAJST accepts docx format based on the journal format.
Figures and tables – Ensure all figures and table files are present and correct, and that they display clearly in the pdf proof.

Preparation of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should:
Be concise and clear.
Minimum of 3000 words and maximum of 5000 words for Research submissions.
Contain no more than 10 figures and 50 references as recommended by the journal.

Accepted file types:
Please be aware that the combined size of your files should not exceed 40 MB.
For article text: doc, Docx. We are unable to accept pdf files for article text for revised manuscripts but can do so for first submissions
Changes within revised manuscripts should be highlighted using the highlighter function or colored text and should be accompanied by a full response letter to editor and reviewer comments.

Manuscript Categories

All research submissions should be formatted in the following sections by following the IMRAD format:

1. Title Page
Include a separate title page with:
Title (maximum 85 characters)
All authors names and full addresses
Corresponding author’s institution and institutional address
A short title (maximum 46 characters, including spaces)
A minimum of four keywords describing the manuscript
Word count of the full article, excluding references and figure legends

2. Abstract
The abstract should be a single paragraph of not more than 350 words, clearly stating the objective of the study or review, the methods used (where applicable), and summarizing results and conclusions.  Avoid abbreviations and references in this section.

3. Introduction
The introduction should set the study in context by briefly reviewing relevant knowledge of the subject; follow this with a concise statement of the objectives of the study.

4. Materials and methods
Provide sufficient information for other workers to repeat the study. If well-established methods are used give a reference to the technique and provide full details of any modifications. Include the source of chemicals, reagents, and hormones and give

5. Results

6. Discussion 

7. Conclusion and Recommendation

8. Acknowledgments
Please be as brief as possible.

9. References
All references cited in the text must be included in the reference list and vice versa. However, if a reference consists of only a web address do not include it in the reference list but cite it in the text, giving the date the page was accessed. The journal use an updated APA referencing style.

Preprint repositories
A preprint is a version of the article prior to submission to the journal for peer review and has not been copyedited or typeset.
SAJST allows the deposition of preprints to recognized repositories, such as SSRN, provided that SAJST is informed of this at the time of submission and it does not infringe any subsequent copyright or license agreement.
Upon the final publication, authors are required to add a link from the preprint to the published article (a version of record).

License and Copyright
Articles are considered on the understanding that, if they are accepted for publication, the entire copyright shall pass to the journal. The corresponding author is requested to digitally sign a copyright transfer agreement to this effect.