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Editorial Process

Published by Asian Journals Publishing

The editorial process of the Southeast Asian Journal of Science and Technology (SAJST) is designed to ensure the integrity, quality, and impact of the research we publish. Utilizing the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform, SAJST follows a rigorous and transparent process from submission to publication. Here’s a step-by-step guide to our editorial process:

1. Pre-Submission
Before submitting your manuscript, familiarize yourself with SAJST’s scope, aims, and submission guidelines. We recommend reviewing recent issues to understand the types of contributions that are typically published. Ensure your manuscript is original, not under consideration by any other journal, and adheres to ethical research standards.

2. Submission via OJS
Register/Login: Authors need to register and log in to the SAJST OJS platform to submit their manuscripts.
Submit Manuscript: Follow the OJS submission steps, which include entering metadata (authors, affiliations, abstract, keywords), uploading the manuscript file(s), and any supplementary materials.
Acknowledgment of Submission: Upon successful submission, authors will receive an acknowledgment email from OJS.

3. Initial Screening
Editorial Assessment: The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) or an Associate Editor conducts an initial screening to ensure the submission’s compatibility with SAJST’s scope and standards for quality and originality.
Ethical Compliance Check: Manuscripts undergo a check for ethical compliance, including plagiarism detection.
Decision: Manuscripts may be rejected, returned for revision, or accepted for peer review.

4. Peer Review
Reviewer Assignment: The EIC assigns manuscripts to at least two qualified, anonymous peer reviewers with expertise in the subject area.
Review Process: Reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on originality, methodology, relevance, and contribution to the field. They provide comprehensive feedback and a recommendation (accept, revise, or reject).
Revision: Authors may be asked to revise their manuscripts based on reviewer comments. Revised manuscripts are usually reviewed again.

5. Editorial Decision
Final Decision: The EIC makes the final decision (accept, reject, or additional revisions) based on the reviewers’ recommendations and revisions made by the authors.
Notification: Authors are notified of the decision through the OJS platform.

6. Post-Acceptance
Copyediting and Proofreading: Accepted manuscripts undergo copyediting for language, formatting, and typographical errors. Authors may be asked to review and approve the final proofs.
Publication: Once the final proofs are approved, the article is scheduled for publication in an upcoming issue of SAJST.
Indexing and Archiving: Articles are indexed in major databases and archived for accessibility and preservation.

7. Continuous Engagement
Feedback and Discussion: SAJST encourages authors and readers to engage in post-publication discussions and feedback through the journal’s website and social media platforms.
Metrics and Impact Tracking: Authors can track the impact of their work through citations, downloads, and social media mentions, facilitated by the OJS platform.

This editorial process, facilitated through OJS, ensures a rigorous, fair, and transparent evaluation of manuscripts, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of Social Science, Business, Information Technology, and interdisciplinary studies within the Southeast Asian context.