Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines
P-ISSN: 2672-2984 | E-ISSN: 2672-2992

Journal History

Published by Asian Journals Publishing

Journal History

The Southeast Asian Journal of Science and Technology (SAJST) represents a hallmark of academic excellence and innovation, rooted in the academic environment of the Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus where Dr. Priscila Agsalud was the Campus Executive Director. The idea was Initiated in by Prof. Francis Albert Argente, the then Executive Director for Research, SAJST embarked on a visionary journey to showcase scholarly research even before its digital footprint was established in 2018. This pioneering initiative aimed not only to highlight campus research but also to set a precedent in academic publishing.

Dr. Randy Joy M. Ventayen, the inaugural Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Potenciano Conte, the Managing Editor (who is then the Campus Research Coordinator), created a journal and SAJST began to carve out its niche within the scholarly community. Their collaborative efforts laid a robust foundation for the journal, steering it towards becoming a beacon of research dissemination and scholarly dialogue. At that the, the journal management and ownership belonged to the the EIC as part of the commitment to serve the PSU Lingayen Campus.

Initially, SAJST served as a platform predominantly for researchers from the PSU Lingayen Campus, focusing on local scholarly endeavors. However, recognizing the imperative for a broader academic exchange, the journal gradually opened its doors to contributions from across the country and slowly in Southeast Asia and worldwide. This pivotal shift marked SAJST’s transition from a campus-centric publication to an international academic platform, amplifying its impact and reach within the scholarly realm.

The year 2018 marked a significant milestone in SAJST’s history, as the journal’s operating expenses received sponsorship from the Educators and Researchers Association in the Asian region, later known as Asian Journals Publishing. This partnership underscored the journal’s growing influence and its critical role in fostering academic discourse across diverse disciplines where no collection of article processing fees from the authors until 2023 due to the organization’s sponsorship which now owns the SAJST journal. As of today, the journal management was turnover to Asian Journals Publishing where AJP recognized the editorial board as the governing board of the Journal.

Today, SAJST stands as a leading journal in the Ilocos region, extending its academic contributions to a global audience. Its evolution from a local campus journal to an internationally recognized publication mirrors the dynamic growth and progressive outlook of the academic community it serves. By continuously fostering scholarly communication and research dissemination beyond its initial scope, SAJST contributes to the global exchange of knowledge and ideas, solidifying its position as a cornerstone of academic excellence and innovation.